Become a founding Vendor and join for free

Join the Happy Joe platform as a Vendor. Grow your loyal customers & make the world a healthier place!

    Why join?

    Happy Joe is a loyalty scheme that will help you grow your business through a more engaged customer base.


    Increase your loyal customers

    Shine a healthy light on your menu

    Acquire a brand new customer base via the Happy Joe audience

    Gain invaluable analytics i.e basket data

    Pay nothing

    Get started in just 3 easy steps

    1. Fill in your restaurant information

    2. Chose what menu items you want to promote

    3. Fill in the required Happy Joe data fields


    How do I get set up on Happy Joe?

    Fill in your restaurant’s name and address in the form at the top of the page. You will then be emailed with clear next steps in choosing your menu items, filling out the required data and signing off to go live on our app. A member of our team will be on call 24/7 to help you through our onboarding process.

    How does the user pay?

    The user will be directed to you via the app and will pay as they usually would with their cash or card.

    How does the user gain a loyalty point?

    You will be provided a QR code as part of the onboarding process. This QR code needs to be present near the till. The user will scan the QR code when purchasing their meal. This will process their loyalty point with you. It will also allow Happy Joe to capture the data point and therefore feed into your analytics. 

    How much does Happy Joe cost?

    The Happy Joe platform cost £0 to join and we take £0 commission. T&Cs are reviewed after 3 months of joining the platform.