Your healthy diet starts here

Ditch the supplements and unlock the power of food today

Discover London's healthiest eats

Getting started is hard, Happy Joe directs you to healthy meals in your area, whilst giving you the real life health benefits of each meal!

Tailor to your health goals

We understand everyone’s health goals are different. Whether it’s post-workout, immune boosting, gut health or even an improved libido, you can find meals to fit your healthy diet.

Nutritional data like never before

Stay loyal to your health and track your micronutrients.

Earn free meals

Gain loyalty stamps with every meal whilst tracking your diet & spend.

How It Works

Happy Joe is a world-first app helping you to meet your healthy diet goals through micronutrient tracking that’s never been seen before. Making it easier than ever to eat with your dietary requirements and intolerances in mind.

More data, less opinion

Your healthy diet starts here. Happy Joe is the world’s first application that marries nutritional science with everyday eating.

Our mission is simple; to pioneer a change in the way people perceive a healthy diet and to make nutrition easy, accessible and affordable!

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